Instrument Spotlight: The Ocean Drum

Summer is such a fun time in our music therapy sessions! There are so many great session ideas to explore: the beach, travel, the sun, ocean animals, and more. My favorite part is that I get to use the Ocean Drum more than I do during the school year. What exactly is an ocean drum?Continue reading “Instrument Spotlight: The Ocean Drum”

A Music Therapist in a Preschool Classroom

Kids say the darndest things! Whether it’s pointing out a distinguishing characteristic of a stranger at the supermarket or just announcing to the world whatever crosses their mind, there’s no telling what a child will say next. The early years are the years when a child soaks up information faster than a sponge. How exactlyContinue reading “A Music Therapist in a Preschool Classroom”

What Happens in a Music Therapy Session?

There is one question that comes up every time I talk to a family  interested in music therapy for their child: “What do you do in a session?” Good question! While there is more awareness now than there used to be, most people haven’t experienced a session before. At Rhythm and Therapy, we provide allContinue reading “What Happens in a Music Therapy Session?”